Aviatest LTD

Centre Aviatest LTD is a company specializing in service life testing of aviation equipment (frames of airplanes, helicopters and their main components) with test and monitoring equipment. Aviatest LTD has the relevant European (EASA) and Russian (IAC AR) certificates which allow for holding all types of strength testing of aviation equipment.

Experimental centre Aviatest LTD was established in 1972 as a joint venture of the Ministry of Aviation Industry and the Ministry of Civil Aiгcraft for testing the impact of operational conditions on the strength specifications of aviation equipment and for screening opportunities for extending the service life beyond the determined technical requirements.

Throughout all these years, Centre Aviatest LTD tested the airframes of airplanes IL-18, YAK-18, AN-24 and four frames for airplanes TU-134 (A and B), as well as frames of helicopters MI-1, MI-2, MI-4, MI-8, KA-126, KA-226, as well as components of the mentioned above aircrafts.

Currently, Aviatest LTD is testing the frame of airplane Sukhoi Super Jet 100 (fuselage, wing and wing mechanization), a component of frame МS-21, frames of helicopters MI-26, Ka-62 and MI-38.

Aviatest LTD collaborates with leading Western helicopter manufacturers: AgustaWestland and Eurocopter (a large number of AgustaWestland components have been subject to testing).

Presently, as part of international programme NICETRIP, testing is underway of the rotor system of a convertible aircraft (a hybrid between an airplane and a helicopter), a joint development of AgustaWestland and Eurocopter.